Extraído the “the Coal Question” 1865

“In burning a single pound of coal there is force developed equivalent to that of 11,422,000 pounds weight falling one foot, and the actual useful force got from each pound of coal in a good steam-engine is that of 1,000,000 lbs. falling through a foot.”

Para chequear,

15.221 kJ libra de carbón dice este ñato

16.000 kJ libra de carbón dice fuente contemporánea

Esto es una unidad de trabajo, W = F * d, o bien W = (m * a) * d

W = 1.000.000 libras * 9,8 m/s2 * 1 pie

1 pie = 0,3048 metro

1000000 libras = 453.592 kg

W = 453.592 kg * 9,8 m/s2 * 0,3048m

W = 1.354,89 kJ (0,376 kWh)


1.355 kJ/libra energía útil


Fuentes contemporáneas

3.600 kJ/libra energía eléctrica

9.000 kJ/libra energía térmica


And you have the guts to say ¿más eficiencia menos consumo?


Límite de Cobertura

Solución al problema de que cubrir, no cubrir y cuando se acaba la cobertura de salud.

A partir de que cumpliste la esperanza de vida, nadie te cubre nada. Chau.

Aparte de otras opciones, claro.


No es Bolsonaro el fascismo*, es el himno.

Qué mal gusto iniciar un acto con el himno. Sólo faltan las aguilas doradas imperiales y los uniformes.

Obsoleto. Como los países.

*Para los lustradores de calvas que se la dan de puristas, usado en el sentido global/irrestricto/coloquial/contemporáneo de fascimo, no en alusión específica a los Camicie Nere

Predictions and declining standard of living

“There is, in all the world, not enough available untilled land to fill the net increase of 50,000 stomachs every day (…) Russia’s forests are largely inaccessible (…) There are no untapped grasslands; we had better enjoy our steaks now, since there will be many less of them within [our lifetime]”

“Increasing expenses and  mounting taxes are hitting most Americans. Hospitals are restricting their facilities. Our schools are being starved and the quality of our national education is dropping rapidly. Some of our essential governmental services are being wrecked in the name of the economy. Eleemosynary institutions, such as museums, libraries and colleges, are poorer every year. The purchasing power of the middle classes, especially the professional groups, is being more and more restricted to the necessities of life.”

Guess the year.

2010? 2015?

Actually, 1948… (William Vogt, Road to Survival)